For centuries, people in Yala have farmed small clearings in the jungle called ‘chena’. Today, set amongst dunes and trees at the ocean’s edge, you will find Chena Huts, Yala hotel in true Uga Escapes’ style. Chena Huts is fringed on one landward side by the tropical jungle and on the other by a saline lake where ibises, painted storks and even flamingos may be seen, wading in the shallows. At this small, select property, the ‘huts’ are in fact luxurious detached, private cabins, offering fine views of the surrounding wilderness and seascape. Despite being tucked away in the wilderness, Chena Huts hosts one of the most luxurious spas in Sri Lanka, with a variety of indulgent treatments. The Basses restaurant by Chena Huts is decorated to an appropriately nautical theme and features urban fine dining in a spectacularly remote location.


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