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The starting point for any true Sri Lankan Adventure…
Adventures of Epic Ceylon is an inbound travel agency from Sri Lanka. We bring in over 30 years of experience. Our specialist are uniquely geared to cater to the distinctive needs of travelers from Europe and the Asia Pacific.

We mix the modern with the masterful, technology with heritage, wonder with the historical. All put together to give you the very best that Sri Lanka has to offer. All the while throwing in that world famous Sri Lankan smile, and hospitality, for good measure.


Our Services


Our value-driven, yet affordable, tours are second to none, tailor made for our European and APAC clientele. These have been conceptualized to meet a wide number of preferences and bring in the best of the island, mixing in culture and heritage, nature, wellness (Ayurveda) and culinary elements that is distinctly and proudly Sri Lankan.


From negotiating a killer price for big name hotels, to accessing those far flung boutique hotels that make travel unique, we at Adventures of Epic Ceylon will help you in every way possible to reserve and pay for that property that is ideal for your individualized adventure.

Day Tours

In addition to our many tour options, we at Adventure of Epic Ceylon are also well geared to create more individualized day tours to meet a range of needs. Encompassing full or half day, single or multiple destinations, these day tours can be as extreme, fun or family oriented as you want, encompassing such exciting activities as sailing/yachting, white water rafting, trekking, cycling, camping, whale watching, etc.


We offer door-to-door service including Airport to Hotel (and return) transfers as well as rentals for limousines, private aircraft, helicopters, boats and coaches.

Destination Events

Due to experiences and partnerships encompassing all of Sri Lanka, Adventures Ceylon is in the unique and enviable position of offering a number of services related to destination events. So get in touch with your needs so we can reply urgently with a quote that we guarantee will make you happy. And with your event in our hands, we also guarantee you will sleep better knowing all the details are being taken care of.


Highly-trained, certified tour guides can be provided on request, with Adventures Ceylon also working continually with them in setting up our unique tour packages, to offer unbeatable experiences.


Our ticketing services, combined with our transfers and tour packages, allow you to enjoy a hassle-free and seamless, door-to-door travel solution with all the comfort and convenience that suits you.

Meet Our Guides

Samantha Punchihewa

Samantha Punchihewa

Samantha is a certified National Tourist Guide Lecturer, bearing registration number N 403. He has been conducting round tours with varied interests for the past 30 years. Being specialised in leading many German groups, Samantha has created a positive impression of...

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Nishantha Silva

Nishantha Silva

A friendly character in person, Nishantha has been working as a German speaking freelance National Tourist Guide Lecturer for Jahn Reisen-Rewe Touristik Since 1990. He has successfully completed the final examination of basic German Language conducted by German...

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Video Tour

A Look Inside Sri Lanka

Today, Sri Lanka is one of the oldest living bastions of Buddhism, with over 70% of its population of 20 million identifying as practicing buddhists. Further, our religious traditions go back to the second century BC.

Known for its man-made water tanks showing a perfected irrigation and tool-making culture that predates others in the world by centuries, Sri Lanka is also commonly referred to by locals as the land of cascading waterfalls, which flow through the wilds to culminate in the mighty sea.

Boasting frequent sightings of ocean giants and other sea creatures (whales, dolphins, etc.), as well as some of the largest land dwelling mammals (elephants), the country offers tourists the opportunity to experience thickly-dense, lush jungles that are rich with multiple, diverse micro ecosystems allowing one to feel a real affinity with nature.

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